Kirk Fox

Musician – producer – Dark behaved electronic, comes ambient sometimes harsh and always groovy and never really silent ………

When the currents of the brain, you will find their paths, crowd into the outside world, which emit sparks of life in the machine, then the limit of human-machine can be overcome and opens up a world that we dream with constructs.

If these currents are emitting in their new surroundings, arrange slide in new structures, which are thought
Brain waves switch back to emitting state – then at this point in the chain of events creates the miracle of mind power transmission.

Now however they emit to people in the outside world, in forms
of sound waves; vibrations; pulsating structures and photons.

These energies on different frequencies and spectra,
pass now to the optical and acoustic receptors of receptive people.

Then – when the currents are their paths back into the brain of the people, to the synapses pulsate and superimpose the photons and vibrations there, add or multiply.

Then the phase-neo-acht was reached.

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